Friday, 16 August 2013

BBW Pocketbac HAUL ;)

From Left to Right :
Black Pearl, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar

Lately, there are some kind of Hand Sanitizer that catch my attention. The brand is "Body & Bath Works". Actually I've heard of it a long time ago, but I just order them like a week ago. and today, my package have just arrived :3 I ordered Body & Bath Works pocketbac or hand sanitizer.
I just ordered four bottle which have different names and smells.

The Smell Review
1. Warm Vanilla Sugar



I love this smell because it is soft. It has the soft sugar plus a little bit of vanilla smell so its almost like a rich brown sugar instead of vanilla and its very musky :)

2. Japanese Cherry Blossom

 This smell has a very special vibe. It has a soft but strong sweet floral scent. I like this smell because its a bit calming and relaxing. It has the oriental and japanese feeling .Reminding of a big tree of blooming cherry blossom.

3. I love Cookie Dough

Imagine a dough of a cookie that is not baked yet. It has the flour-y feeling and of course the smell of a cookie. It has the sugary feeling to. I love cookie!

4.Black Pearl

I think of Pirates of the Carribean if I heard Black Pearl.. Black pearl itself is a Rare pocketbac but you can still find them in particular store. It has the berry smell from the wild berries and a shimmering musk. :) 


Repurchase Yes / No?
I would like to repurchase all of them because of its lovely & unique smells ;)






Late Post : Bali Farewell Party pt. 1

This Is WAYY to late but I will post it anyway since I haven't been writing my blog so..
 I'm going to let you guys sneak a peak :b of what i ate or where i went.

I went to Bali with the whole 9th grader for a Farewell Party. I went there by plane and went to the airport by Bus. Its so crowded :s *the plane and the bus* Before I went to the airport we went to a restaurant near the airport and ate there. The food is yeah .. so-so :b but I am starving so I ate them well :9 After that, we went to the airport, and not long after that we departed from Jakarta :D

My Boarding Pass :D

 D-1 in Bali

When I arrived in Denpasar, Bali, We got Flower Necklace *like hawaiian i suppose(?)* then we all hurried to the bus again and went to Krisna. A kind of the biggest souvenir store in Bali. Actually we are supposed to go to "Tanah Lot", but because of the time, we all just went shopping. 
After the shopping time,  we got in the bus again and went to a Chinese Restaurant and eat again :D *I love eating there because the table is full of chinese dishes :9 nyum! The people who are eating in the same table as me hates veggies, but I do love veggies so I am the only one who is eating the veggies. :9

After filling our stomach till' its gonna burst(?), we get on our bus again and went to Legian to go to the Hotel. *Finally :i* The Hotel's name is "Allseason Hotel" The hotel is kind of cozy and nice. I love that place ^^ and lastly we all went to bed.

 D-2 in Bali 

Morning come.. Beep Beep Beep! my friends alarm rings so loud at 4am --a that alarm startled me and I'm automatically awake =-= But my friend is still sleeping soundly*how is that possible?!!* after taking a bath I just went to the Hotel's lounge to have a breakfast. But because of a stomach problem, I just ate a bowl of porridge and a toast. 

After breakfast, we all got into the bus again and went to a Harbour *idk what's that harbour name b'coz its not important anyway* From that harbour we all board into a ship (QuickSilver Cruise) and went to Nusa Penida Island. In the ship, there are drinks like orange juice but i dont really enjoy them b'coz it makes me sick. I cant stand ships because I got seasick easily. :( 

After an hour or more that feels like a year in the ship, we arrived at Nusa Penida island. That island is so beautiful with dolphin and blue coral water. I didnt like scuba diving so I didnt swim at that time but I went aboard with a underwater ship(?) with a transparent glasses so we all can see fishes swimming around the coral. After that we all grab a lunch. There are so many things to choose also its "ALL YOU CAN EAT a.k.a BUFFET" Yay!! there are bbq, fried things, seafood , and many more. I really love eating there. 
After all the fun we had on the island, we all return to the harbour and take the bus. On the bus most of the students *including me* is sleeping because of that seasickness on the ship. We were heading to Jimbaran to have dinner. 
When we arrived at Jimbaran , it's already dark. We ate in the beach with candles. When the food come I was so excited because of a bunch of seafood in every person's plate :3 there were a grilled fish, a grilled squid/calamari, 2 piece of sautéed clams, and a grilled shrimp. I love them its really tasty.
After we had the feast we went back to the hotel and have some rest ;)
To Be Continued ..

The Beauty of Nusa Penida Island

Orange Juice & Sunglasses <3

Many Boats near the Harbour

Found this sunbathing place. The heat is


Lemonade, BBQ, Pasta, & Baked Tuna

Boats near the Island

Scenery.. I Love It

Clear sky.. Best Weather

Quite Old Boat..






Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bell's etude house giveaway ♛

Yesterday, when I was checking on Bell's etude house's page on Facebook. I found this interesting giveaway. 

What is Bells etude house? 
Bell's etude house is an online shop that sell make up products with etude house (korea) brand. They have PO (PRE- ORDER) and Ready Stocks items. They sell the products very cheap :3 (almost 1/2 price off the counter) and its originally imported from Korea! ^^

↓ Here is their Facebook Page 

I usually shop there to buy Etude house products too ;b. Okayy, now back to the topic. 

This MASSIVE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY with a prize worth IDR 1.000.000!! (It's open for Indonesian only)

There will be only 1 winner and the prize will contents :
1pc Sweet Recipe Chocolate worth IDR 100.000,-
1pc Correct&Care CC Cream Silky worth IDR 160.000,-
1pc Dear Girls Oil Control Pact worth IDR 98.000,-
1pc Lovely Cookie Blusher No.2 worth IDR 75.000,-
1pc Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set worth IDR 65.000,-
1pc Dear Darling Tint #3 worth IDR 55.000,-
1pc Drawing Show Brush Liner Black worth IDR 108.000,-
1pc Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit W13 Natural Beige worth IDR 160.000,-
5pcs Essence Mask Sheet worth IDR 100.000,-
1pc Shopping Voucher Rp. 100.000,- for next order on Bell's Etude House 

This giveaway is free, and you just need to do little things that is required. (They use Rafflecopter for this giveaway)
You just need too :
1. LIKE Bell's etude house fanpage [ (+10 points)
2. Write down your wishes for the owner and bell on the giveaway photo comments, and don't forget to paste the link on the rafflecopter (5 points)
3. Tweet about this giveaway daily (+3 points/day)
4. Share on your timeline about this giveaway daily (+3 points/day)
5. Wish The owner at her blog article about this giveaway : (+5 points)
6. Special points for blogger who follows her blog! (+10 points)

This giveaway will be closed at May 31st 2013, so be hurry and collect more entries everyday!





New blog. Why?

Its the school vacation today. I got nothing to do at home :( (except sleeping, eating, gaming, reading , online shopping, etc) So I decided to make a blog, because many of my friends have blogs too ;) In this blog, I will post about things #whatever it is# and yea.. so this is my first post on my blog. Hope you all like 'em.. ^^~