Friday, 16 August 2013

BBW Pocketbac HAUL ;)

From Left to Right :
Black Pearl, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar

Lately, there are some kind of Hand Sanitizer that catch my attention. The brand is "Body & Bath Works". Actually I've heard of it a long time ago, but I just order them like a week ago. and today, my package have just arrived :3 I ordered Body & Bath Works pocketbac or hand sanitizer.
I just ordered four bottle which have different names and smells.

The Smell Review
1. Warm Vanilla Sugar



I love this smell because it is soft. It has the soft sugar plus a little bit of vanilla smell so its almost like a rich brown sugar instead of vanilla and its very musky :)

2. Japanese Cherry Blossom

 This smell has a very special vibe. It has a soft but strong sweet floral scent. I like this smell because its a bit calming and relaxing. It has the oriental and japanese feeling .Reminding of a big tree of blooming cherry blossom.

3. I love Cookie Dough

Imagine a dough of a cookie that is not baked yet. It has the flour-y feeling and of course the smell of a cookie. It has the sugary feeling to. I love cookie!

4.Black Pearl

I think of Pirates of the Carribean if I heard Black Pearl.. Black pearl itself is a Rare pocketbac but you can still find them in particular store. It has the berry smell from the wild berries and a shimmering musk. :) 


Repurchase Yes / No?
I would like to repurchase all of them because of its lovely & unique smells ;)